Raphael Perrier on stage for a hairstyle show in september 2016 in Paris

The french and international hairdresser Raphaël Perrier get on stage for a major hairdressing show at MCB Paris tradeshow in september 2016…


Involved in sustainable development

At the international tradeshow MCB by Beauty Selection held in Paris  on september 2016, the french hairdresser Raphaël Perrier get on stage for a major hairdressing show traditionally inspired by thematic current topic. 

Last year, he performed about gathering people, this year, his show "Reflections",  was about sustainable development and orchestrated by his usual choreographer Patricia Zali.

 Hairstylist Raphael Perrier performing on stage at MCB tradeshow in Paris

International hairdresser

Raphael Perrier is a french international hairdresser who has opened hairdressing business and schools in France, China, Brazil, Mexico and the United States. Raphael Perrier has been named "Hairdresser of the Year" at the Business Trophy "Coiffure de Paris". He performed in the Zenith in Paris for the hairdressing institutions, then he toured Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan, Italy, the USA and Hong Kong.

Reflexions: Raphael Perrier ShowRaphael Perrier's show at MCB Paris 2016 Raphael Perrier's show at MCB Paris 2016

Hairsylist for fashion and entertainment

Raphaël Perrier does the hair of the big names in the international film world and takes part in Haute Couture shows: Dior, Armani, Vuitton, Gucci… Driven by creativity, he designs styles that amaze by their technicality, their originality and their state-of-the art good looks with that constant touch of glamour.

Singers from the french show

He is also hairstylist for musical entertainment. After designing the styles for "Le Roi Soleil" and "Mozart l’Opera Rock", he realized hairstyles for the musical show "Le Rouge et le Noir". So singers came on stage after his hairstyle show to perform the main songs from this musical range.

 Particia Zali, choreographer for Raphael Perrier's shows Raphael Perreir the international french hairstylist
Hairstylist Raphael Perrier and his choreographer Patricia Zali at MCB tradeshow in Paris on september 2016

Raphael Perrier's shows are highly expected and always very applauded. See you next year !